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February 27, 2008



Nik, Drue has a hard act to follow, but I can't wait. Its not easy arguing that the leading software company in the world would willingly kill the golden goose. There is the market-side argument that says customers will never need more than W2k08, but as you point out, things tend to change. The most interesting thing to me was your suggested next update cycle, 2014. As weird as it seems to me, that's the straight timeline. A lot of us hope to be retired by then - don't we? At least calling each other Grandpa/Grandma and such.

Nik Simpson

Marc, the 2014 date wasn't for the launch of the the OS, that's when I figure it will be hitting its stride with widespread adoption. Launch date is more likely 2012 IMHO.


RU saying people might not be calling you Grandpa in 2012?

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