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October 01, 2008


Steven Schwartz - The SAN Technologist

I find your post interesting. I have a couple points I wanted to point out however.

1. HP is not getting 3000 new customers in this deal, many of LeftHand's customers were already HP customers considering many of LHN's sales was just software on HP servers already.

2. Comparing LHN's purchase to Equallogic's purchase at $1.4B isn't apples-to-apples. LHN didn't have nearly the market share Equallogigc had/has in the pure iSCSI product space.

3. HP ONLY GOT SOFTWARE, there is NO Hardware IP within LHN. They have always leveraged x86 general computing CPUs in standard HP and Dell servers with no differentiation.

4. HP filled a gap as well, HP has not had a compelling iSCSI offering at any level.

I wish the LHN folks the best! Being at an up-start in the process of acquisition by a Fortune 50 company isn't easy, everything changes! I hope HP does better with this software then what occurred with Panasys and AppIQ.

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