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February 05, 2009


Robert Wipfel

Nik, do you know the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transputer ? finally Intel figured it out ;-)
In principle, the programming languages and operating system designs that were invented for distributed memory parallel processors are set to make a comeback. I would assert it's the end of broken IT architectures as we know it, and the start of a renaissance in distributed systems design; where the OS and management become the contemporary IT
platform. Some might call this a Network Operating System (NOS)

Nik Simpson

Yes, I remember the Transputer well, I'm a Brit, and it got a deal coverage their :-) I think Intel's Larabee graphics engine has a lot in common. Graphics is one of those things that is very easy to run on that sort of an architecture.

But truly turning a network of computers into a frangible thing that can sub-divided beyond the granularity of a single physical server is good way from happening. There's still too much latency to be able to hung multiple servers together as single image. Though I hear 3Leaf may have something interesting in this area.

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