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April 06, 2009


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IBM was sure to 'consolidate' a great number of things. And I'm sure any remnants of Sun left after this process would have been IBM-ized. And I do say that with a great deal of negative connotation ... Our choices for 'iron' and 'OS' variety in the IT space would have been reduced as I'm sure overalpping server lines would disappear, as well as perhaps an OS.
We'd have lost one of the most innovative enterprise I.T. companies ever. Say what you will about their ability to turn it into large $$$, but Sun has come up with some of the most innovative ideas the server-related I.T industry has seen since their inception.

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Personally, I don't think we've heard the end of this deal. IBM really doesn't want Sun to fall into HP, Dell, or Cisco's hands. Sun really doesn't want to go-it-alone until another suitor arrives.

Last time I posted a blog on this deal, I described what this meant for other server vendors in this market. Given this situation, let's do that again.

I continue to believe a joint HP/Oracle deal would make the most sense, but whoever ends up acquiring and dismantling Sun is going to have to first get over having to give a big cash pay-out to the Sun senior management team that dragged the company into its precarious present position

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I believe IBM keenly understands co-location. They've given me hardware that I can easily carve into
multiple LPARs per physical frame, which allows me to consolidate workloads. The technology is very forgiving and flexible--as workloads grow and change, it's very easy to use a dynamic LPAR operation and make the adjustment.

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