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May 19, 2009


Stephen Beer

Chris - Thanks for the update. I don't think i'm surprised that Oracle reneged on an x86 virtual support postion - they've been particularly obstinant on this position with customers like me. Also good of you to point out the licensing / partitioning situation - not many commentators/analysts mention this-but for the customers that understand it, it is the single biggest impediment to using anything other than OVM, especially for large multi-component virtual grids. Oracle's stock answer to this issue appears to "Sign an unlimited use enterprise agreement" -- which would be nice (if somebody else was paying) - because it would facilitate a move back to VMware . . .

Another thing I thought I'd mention -- Whilst Oracle RAC might not be supported on VMware (as you say above), it doesn't actually work on OVM either -- just ask anybody thats tried to live migrate a RAC node on OVM. "Fails spectacularly" is a just description.

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