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July 14, 2009


Ana Rodriguez

Wow I didn’t know the prices! Thanks for the data and the great article, I enjoyed reading it. I think we are taking a step forward to a new era of technology; companies should start moving to cloud computing and develop their applications towards it. The real deal is will they know the true value of cloud computing?

Our company just developed a cloud-hosted application. You can take a look at it here: http://personalradiostation.cloudapp.net/. If you like it, you can help us vote for it at the new CloudApp() Contest: http://www.newcloudapp.com/vote.aspx. The app is listed at the end of the page, under the name of Omar Del Rio.


Ana Rodriguez

Drue Reeves


Thank you for the comment. I agree, the real deal is determining business value of any cloud service one might use. This requires IT organizations to do their homework to comprehend which applications are suitable for the cloud, and those that are not. A business impact analysis is required.


William Louth

You will only be able to manage costs once you can measure them and relate them to activities that are to some degree under control.

What customers need is a standard metering interface (note: metering != billing) so that changes in underlying meters can be tracked back to one of more cost center hierarchies some of which can be operational (code/system level) others business (service entry points) and user based (user/department/organization/corporation).

An augmented Activity Based Costing solution with a flexible & versatile multi-resource metering model can achieve this.

A Unified Approach to Performance Management and Cost Management for Cloud Computing

ABC for Cloud Computing


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