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August 04, 2009


Steve Hand

I'm glad that someone is asking the pressing questions about cloud computing. Good job.

Peter Coffee

If I may, I'd like to repeat here what I thought were the key points of my response to Drue's questions on SLAs. I've never seen an SLA that promised anything more than a credit for services not received; moreover, selective definition of the denominator of the fraction makes it easy for a provider to promise a lot of 9s without actually delivering that fraction of a 24x7 capability.

We believe we've set the bar for full transparent disclosure (http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/) of every transient shortfall from theoretical perfection, and we find that our customers appreciate that candor. An actual track record of uptime is far more valuable, and far more difficult to find, than a piece of paper that says "When it's broken, it's free."

Drue Reeves

For those of you who didn't see Peter's presentation and our discourse on SLAs, you can view the presentation online at http://www.catalystreplay.com/

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