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March 17, 2010



Thank you for saying what so many were thinking, Gene!

It's funny - EMC really pulled out the stops, introducing a strategic vision that left many scratching their heads. But the product lurking behind the curtain looks remarkably pedestrian to me so far. Admittedly I have NO special knowledge of it, but based on the hints from Pat and Chuck Hollis and the rest, it looks like a fairly straightforward storage virtualization platform with extra consistency goodness for long-distance use. In other words, a wide-area version of IBM SVC.

This is awesome technically, and I applaud EMC for getting something like this working. But it's far, far from strategic. The miracle is that they wedded such a visionary presentation to such a technical product launch!

Stephanie Hueter

Gene - Great read! Thought you might appreciate the following, though you probably already knew that Pillar agrees and did so all the way in 2001 when they founded the company and designed the product. They’ve had QoS in the Axiom since the first one shipped and manage the complexity internally so the customer doesn’t need to.

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