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March 02, 2010


J. Chandler Hall

Good article Chris. Nice focus on something that seems to be glossed over, application delivery.

First, let me remind you most of my data and work is in the cloud at various app company servers (Google, 37signals, etc). I've had to 'accept' how the application wanted to be delivered or accessed, but have almost always benefited from that adoption, even though I might wish it were setup differently.

In a way, this is how Apple's Ipod & Iphone has been a success. It really began with iTunes and Steve Jobs pitching to the Music labels that the right 'delivery model' would drive sales...even over freely available same content. I didn't really think it would, yet they're now the largest distributor of music, I believe...all due essentially to a better distribution methodology.

Then, the iPhone. It's controlled, closed, non-standard and has lots of quirks, including being a really poor phone. But...it seems to have 'won out so far' and likely for quite a while due to the iStore and easy distribution of mobile apps.

As you may recall, I was buying and installing PalmOS apps on my Compaq iPaq (it was called an iPaq, wasn't it?) from Handango and thought they 'had it figured out' in terms of being the main app distribution store. Are they still around? :-) (Yes, I know they are.)

While I realize this isn't really what you mean by "application delivery" in this context, it's the best a marketing guy can do from way outside your space. But I do think there's an odd similarity here, don't you? :-)

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